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5 medieval buildings to visit in Bellagio

The charm of the Italian town of Bellagio is not just because of its unique location on Lake Como but also because of its rich history of human settlement, which predates the Roman period. The town houses a number of villas, churches and other buildings which tell the tale of the medieval times. If you are planning to visit these medieval buildings, we have here a list of buildings that you must visit. Villa Melzi D'ErilThis villa was built in 1808 by Duke Francesco Melzi d'Eril who was the assistant and a friend of General Napoleon and is one of the perfect examples of neoclassical architecture during the 19th century. It is called the Villa Gallarati Scotti today as it is owned by Cou....................Read More

A day in the lovely village of Laglio

Located between Mount Colmegnone and Lake Como, the small village of Laglio is a picture postcard manifestation of everything that Italy has to offer. With limestone mountains covered in forests, pastel coloured villas, and white swans on the lake, Laglio has always provided a romantic backdrop that has attracted tourists for a long time. One of the other reasons why Laglio came to the limelight is because of famous actor George Clooney. Clooney owns a residence in this beautiful town and often spends his summers here. Interestingly, there is quite a bit more to do at this enchanting village beside staring at George’s villa in the hopes of catching a glimpse of him. Laglio is an ideal plac....................Read More

A day in the enchanting village of Varenna

Lake Como is certainly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe because of its stunning landscape, wildlife and the surrounding mountain peaks. There are a number of regions from where you can enjoy the lake at its best. The small village of Varenna rewards you with a panoramic view of the lake, and is certainly one of the most romantic destinations which surround lake Como.At 60 kilometres from Milan, Varenna is located at the intersection of the three branches of Lake Como. The charming village is known for its relaxing atmosphere, gardens, colourful houses, flowers and floral perfumes. Be prepared to also be transported to the older days as the village has an abundance of 19....................Read More

Lake Como or Lake Maggiore: Finding a suitable holiday destination for you

Lake Como or Lake Maggiore?  It is never easy to choose between the two incredibly beautiful Italian lakes. While Lake Como has been a famous and a much loved holiday destination for Europeans, Lake Maggiore has its own list of famous personalities who have been enchanted by its beauty. We compare these two holiday destinations to find out the unique charms of these two destinations:Reaching the lakesIt is easy to reach both Lake Maggiore and Lake Como from anywhere in the world thanks to their proximity to Milan. The closest airport to both the lake destinations is less than 50 kilometers and well-connected to lake towns.  From Milan, Lake Como is less than an hour away and Lake M....................Read More

Why you should not miss Lake Como in autumn

If your idea of a great vacation is a less crowded destination, you should definitely visit Lake Como in Autumn. One of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, Lake Como in the month of October transforms into the perfect place to take a break and pamper yourself with exclusive Italian experience. The enchanting beauty of the lake and the towns on its shores accentuates during the autumn season when the climate is pleasant and the towns are friendlier and less touristy. Your pocket will also thank you for taking a trip to Lake Como during October when food, accommodation and transport are often available at discounted rates. Some of the things that you should definitely include in your itinerary ....................Read More

The Best of Lake Como Part 2: Shopping for Silk

Shopping on vacation is more often about new experiences than simply about buying new things. Whether we plan it or not, shopping always finds a place in our travel itinerary. It could be shopping for something that is unique to the destination or one of the specialties of the place. But how often do we select a destination on the basis of the shopping options it offers? For instance, the Lake Como region, an extremely popular tourist destination, is often associated with incredible natural resources and beauty, but very few know that it is also the Silk capital of Italy. In fact, it is Como and not Milan which produces 70% of Europe’s silk and is, therefore, the best place for silk shoppi....................Read More

Villa Balbianello: The Pride of Lake Como

Villa Balbianello is one of the defining features of the landscape on the western shore of Lake Como. Located on the tip of a wooded peninsula on Lake Como, the villa overlooks the Comacina Island on one side and the Tremezzina area on the other. Not very far from Lenno, the iconic villa which is popular for offering magnificent views of Lake Como and its terraced garden, has been one of the favourite locations of artists and filmmakers. Parts of the villa could strike as familiar to many because they have been featured in a number of Hollywood blockbusters.History:The villa was built on the ruins of a Franciscan church by the Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini at the end of the eighteenth century....................Read More

Festival of San Giovanni: Fun. Food. Firework

The most awaited festival on Lake Como, Sagra de San Giovanni or the Feast of San Giovanni will be held on June 25 this year. Tourists flock to the island in great numbers to behold the wonderful sight of the illuminated lake and the firework display on Comacina Island, the only island on Lake Como. On this occasion, the lake will be illuminated with thousands of Lumaghitt lights and candles will be placed on boats and windows and balconies of lakefront buildings. The festival has ancient roots and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Some of the most interesting facts about this age old festival are:The festival has been celebrated for almost nine centuries now.The firework display ta....................Read More

The Best of Lake Como Part 1: Gardens in Bellagio

With the Alps on the one hand and the ever-so-beautiful Lake Como on the other, Bellagio is often called the pearl of Lake Como. The lake town sits right on the cape of the landmass where the lake branches into two and is among the most popular destinations in the region. The tale of its popularity stretches back to centuries in history and the villas with their formal gardens are beautiful testimonies of that heritage. If you are here in the region for an unforgettable experience on Lake Como, you shouldn’t miss taking a guided tour through the gardens of Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi d’Eril.The Villa Serbelloni Garden: The 18th Century garden surrounding Villa Serbelloni is ful....................Read More

Go for a hike: 5 amazing trails around Menaggio

Commonly known for its historical and cultural attractions, Lake Como also happens to be a favourite destination for those who love adventure and an active holiday. And why shouldn’t it be? Set against the rugged, forested foothills of the Alps, the Lake Como region offers a variety of hiking and walking trails nestled in these mountains. The beautiful setting, the perfect weather and the less-explored attractions of the destination tempt tourists to go up on the mountains and venture beyond the obvious. We bring you a list of hiking trails around Menaggio, a famous lake town known for its touristic infrastructure and natural beauty.  1. Rifugio Menaggio- Monte GronaDifficulty level: ....................Read More

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