5 characteristic villages on Lake Como

October, 19 2020 ( Updated November, 17 2020)

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Want to spend a few days of pure relaxation? Lake Como is an ideal destination for young and old who want to have a peaceful vacation. In addition to the magnificent lake and the mountains of Lake Como, you will also find good food, various water activities and more. The villages on the shores have myriad different things to offer and are waiting to be explored. 


Let's go see 5 of them together!


Flanked between the two branches of the lake, Bellagio, a small jewel on Lake Como waiting to discovered, is popular among tourists for its unique locationThe alleys of the town offer unmissable views as well as typical restaurants and bars that will amaze you. What else should be on your itinerary beside the village?


Certainly the gardens of Villa Melzi and Villa Serbelloni. The gardens of Villa Melzi especially, together with a museum and a chapel, are usually visited by all the tourists who come to Bellagio. Lush azaleas, rhododendrons and a romantic Japanese lake with water lilies and trees such as cedars and maples around make for a perfect outing. 


Planning something romantic for your sweetheart? Impress them with a ferry ride from Bellagio to Como.


This village, which is located in the eastern part of Lake Como, offers a verdant mix of natural beauty and opportunity for relaxation. Colico is easily reachable for even those staying in the western part of Lake Como, for example in Domaso or Gravedona. Here, you can engage in activities such as trekking through the pleasant nature trails. In fact, many of these nature trails can also be enjoyed on a nice bike ride. Obviously, the village’s main attraction remains the lido where you can eat at the restaurants, sunbathe or even learn kitesurfing with experts.


Close to the village of Colico is the hamlet of Olgiasca where you can stop by at the Abbey of Piona, a Cistercian abbey where absolute peace and serenity reigns. The essence of the abbey is best captured by the word "silentium",  which is also written at the beginning of the pedestrian street that leads to the abbey. Once you have arrived, you can admire the Church and the adjoining cloister which is built in Lombard Romanesque style. The spectacular views of the lake and the mountains and the local products such as liqueurs and digestives that are produced by the monks here make it an unmissable stop. 


For architecture lovers, this village is a must-visit on your trip to Como. Its eight churches, located in the various hamlets of the village, certainly make it a religious meeting point. Each of these churches has its own unique features and a wonderful lake view to offer.If you want to fully breathe in the sacred atmosphere of Ossuccio, you cannot miss a visit to the Sacred Mount and the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of 14 chapels which lead up to the top where there is the Sanctuary.

For those who love adventure,  a stop at Isola Comacina is highly recommended. It can be reached by ferry from Ossuccio and the surrounding villages. Archaeological finds, uncontaminated nature and even beaches to swim during the summer, these are only some of the things that the village has to offer to its visitors. 


This small village can be easily reached from the historical center of Como through the famous funicular. Upon your arrival at the top, be prepared to be enchanted by the breathtaking views. Your first stop should certainly be the Faro Voltiano, dedicated to Alessandro Volta, a famous citizen who invented the electric battery. You can climb to the top of the lighthouse, which is at a height of 29 meters and enjoy a unique spectacle.


There are also several other activities that you can choose from. There are panoramic footpaths where you can observe Art Nouveau villas or other paths ideal for trekking enthusiasts. In fact, from Brunate there are several paths that lead to different peaks of the Como area. 



Located in the so-called "tremezzina", this village has a unique charm. Nature and architecture blend perfectly in this lake village. It is a must-visit during your vacation in Lake Como. A number of villas are located near the center, the most famous among them being Villa Carlotta. The villa has always been a popular destination among tourists not only for the beauty of its botanical garden which is a medley of colors, scents and wonders but also for the museum where there are important works of art. Do not forget that Villa Carlotta offers educational trails and is also open to private events such as weddings.


All the villages of Lake Como are undoubtedly worth visiting for the different offerings that make them unique. In this blog post, we have only mentioned five of them that promise different activities and unique experiences. The common element among all these villages is certainly the charm of the lake.

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