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March, 09 2020 ( Updated December, 02 2021)

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Feeling uninspired by the norm, or rundown by office politics and the daily grind? Escape! The perfect remedy for employees who have lost their work mojo, as well as digital nomads in search of adventure and families juggling school holiday commitments, a Smart working can be a rewarding, life-affirming experience! In our internet-savvy age, Smart working is now a feasible solution to find your zen, by balancing your work life and personal commitments, in one exciting new location.

For those exhausted by the daily commute and working full time, whilst juggling domestic duties with family responsibilities, Smart working is for you! Working remotely from a new city or exotic holiday location requires just your passport, laptop and WiFi access. With these items and holiday clothes packed, the world is your oyster! The benefits of Smart working have long been known to savvy freelancers. Being motivated and inspired by a beautiful new location and holiday home can really spur on creativity, as well as be the springboard your mind needs for a productive workday.

Work, relax, repeat! The benefits of Smart working:

Waking up, ‘on location’ simply lets you start the day right. Escaping the hum drum of the office and the ‘everyday’, feels truly liberating. Indeed, knowing that you’ve saved time on your daily commute, feels like a breath of fresh air! You’ll be able to enjoy some ‘you’ time first thing – from yoga, a scenic run, early morning walk or quality family time, over an unhurried breakfast, before walking just a few meters to your remote office for the day. As well as feeling more grounded in a relaxed working environment, you’ll find the incentive to finish all your work tasks within good time, high on your agenda! For one, you’ll be able to get out and explore, socialise and sightsee when you’re done. Lunch breaks can also involve anything from an alfresco lakeside BBQ, to enjoying a refreshing swim and a quick brainstorm bike ride! Whilst your working day will evidently require some structure, remember you will have all your evenings and weekends free to fully immerse yourself in the vacation half, of your stay! 

Shaking routines up is always an effective way to boost motivation, as well as develop your own sense of well-being and inject a new sense of fun into the norm. Remember, when a different time zone applies, you should always define your temporary work hours before you go, as well as upgrade your mobile to accept WiFi and international calls (to and from work). Just because you’re not physically in the office, doesn’t mean your presence shouldn’t be felt, or heard!

A mum and child having fun by the lake

For families on half-terms and long summer holidays, bringing the kids whilst Smart working means you can balance your work life and family life. Getting work done whilst also being there to spend priceless holiday moments together is a no brainer. If you’re a single parent or a couple both working remotely, then picking a holiday location with good ski schools/kids clubs and holiday camps offers a super way to make sure your little monkeys or teenagers are having fun, making friends in a safe environment, whilst you’re getting your work done for the day.

Looking for anymore reasons to enjoy Smart working? Check out our beautiful holiday locations and homes here and feel inspired to check-in

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